Interwebz - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Interwebz - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Гарантия безопасности при использовании


-Aimbot (Always on, On key, On attack)

-Select Random Aimspot(will select the aimspot that is closest to your crosshair)
-Aim Team
-Target Selection (Closest to crosshair, Closest to you, Closest aiming at you)
-Silent Aim

-Autoshoot(Hitchance modes - Low, Mid, High, Super High, Optimized)
-Autowall (Normal and Death mode - Death mode means it will only shoot through walls if the damage caused will be the same or above the targets HP)

-Autowall Minimum Damage

-Hitscan Autowall
-Smart Aim

-Aim Step Option (evades VAC kicks on official valve servers when raging with high FOV)

-Aim Time
-Smooth Amount

-Non-Sticky Aim

-Magnet Trigger (Triggeraim/pSilent Triggerbot)

-Draw FOV

-Disable Aimbot When Target Is Jumping

-Dynamic Distance Based FOV

-Do Not Aim Through Smokes Toggle (also works for visual only esp, triggerbot, anything)


-RCS Aimkey
-RCS NoSmooth
-RCS Aimspot

-RCS Start (starts compensating for recoil after X amount of bullets)

-Standalone RCS

-RCS efficiency


-Chams (Either show through wall or don't)
-Bright Chams
-X-Ray (CS:GO Glow)
-Transparent Walls

-Fullbright Walls

-Custom Colored Walls
-Crosshair That Shows Where Bullets Will Land

-FOV changer

-Viewmodel FOV changer

-Thirdperson mode

-World Glow (dynamic lights)

-Show spectators and who is spectating you


-Enable (Full, only working when target is visible, hold key for esp and a toggle key for esp)
-Bomb Detonation Info with damage indication
-Weapons On Ground

-Visibility Check
-Enemies Only


-Spread (Normal, Matchmaking)


-Visual Recoil
-Hands (Remove, Cham, Wire)

-On Key

-Perfect Triggerbot
-Hitgroup selection(All, Head Only, No Legs)
-Hitchance Triggerbot(Off, Low, Mid, High, Optimized)

-Triggerbot RCS(you can enable standalone RCS which will work with triggerbot then)


-Bunnyhop(Perfect, Legit)



-Auto-accept matchmaking
-Edge Jump
-Reload Switch (Automatic reload switching some skilled players do)

-Anti Aim (Including Lisp/Fake AA)

-Anti-Anti Aim (Manual resolving through player list and automated Lisp/Fake AA resolving)
-Fakelag Amount
-Namestealer(MM mode namestealer will only steal your teammates' name)
-Namestealer Delay
-Chat Spam
-Knifebot (Stab, Slash)

-Backstab Only Knifebot

-360 degree knifing (you can knife people while walking with your back turned towards them, etc.)

-Quick-kill knifebot mode (this will slash first then stab which is faster when you go against enemies with 100HP(will account in the armor), most people just stab 2 times but that's just too slow)

-Teleport Exploit (Teleports you to 0,0 and your current Z pos)

-No name (Removes player name ingame)


-Weapon&Bomb Display (Only M4A4, M4A1-S, AK-47, AWP, Galil AR, FAMAS and C4)
-Disable Visuals
-Dot Range
-Height Check (San Andreas style object displaying)
-Position Adjustable


-Whitelist (Aimbot, triggerbot and knifebot will ignore the selected player/s)
-Aimspot (Will only aim at this aimspot for the selected player)
-Enable Custom Angle

-Steal specific player's name
-Custom Pitch
-Custom Yaw


-Mouse GUI (Position adjustable, key input for more precise smooth and field of view values, color spectra, convenient way of saving configurations)

-Color Configurations for menu, ESP, glowhack, chams, hands, radar
-Config System (6 main config spots + 1 extra for skins only)
-Virtual Key Binder (panic key, aim key, triggerbot key, edge jump key, menu key, autostop key, teleport key, stuck key, RCS key, ESP key, circlestrafe key)

-Panic key button (visuals only or everything)

-Displaying enemy rank's on the scoreboard (Matchmaking only)

-Clantag changer (6 options with auto-switch with custom delay and noname option)

-Skin changer (weapons + knives + knife animations fixed + GOTV support)

-Online config builder (matches ingame GUI)

-Cloud space where configs are stored

-Access to V.I.P. section of forum (configurations, support in general)

-As of now-Unlimited and free HWID changes


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