Illusion - Battlefield 4

Illusion - Battlefield 4


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Advanced Aimbot Configuration
Aim Key
Aim Bone
Aim Bone Scan
Aim Smooth
Aim Smoothness Factor
Aim Heal Ray | 
Aim At Vehicles
Aim At Players
Aim Distance
Aim Lock
Gadget Aimbot
Visibility Checks
Aim Prediction
Aim Suppression
Aim Debugging
Enemies [Aimbot Priority]
Jet Aimbot
Vehicle Aimbot
Vehicle-Aim Factor
Passenger-Aim Factor
Unlock Passenger View
Aim At Jets
Aim At Tanks
Aim At Jeeps
Aim At Helicopters
Aim Vehicle Target
Aim Vehicle Part Scan

Distance, Closest to Crosshair

Selectable aim key
Head, Chest, Knee etc.
Scans for other bones if bone is not visible
Stay locked when enemy runs behind wall
Smooths aimbot to give it a realistic reaction
Adjustable Smoothness Factor
Auto heals players

Adjust max distance
Lock on targets
Will make the aimbot also aim at gadgets
Check if a player can be hit
Predicts where an enemy will be
Will only aim at players with enough health to survive
Auto shoot on players

Only shoot when enemy is in your crosshair
Prioritze players

Aim at jets from all vehicles
Aim at tanks from all vehicles
Aim at jeeps from all vehicles
Aim at helicopters from all vehicles
Passenger or Vehicle
Scans for other parts if part is not visible

Vehicle ESP Customization
Skeleton ESP
ESP Scale Adjustment
Name ESP
Health ESP
Distance ESP
Vehicle ESP
Gadget ESP
Supply ESP
Spectator Warning
Neutral Vehicle ESP
Visibility Checks
Explosive ESP
Weapon ESP
Button ESP
Pickup ESP
Auto-Spotting | 
Auto-Spotting Delay
Aim Warning ESP
Player Chams
Vehicle Chams
Visible Only
Radar X
Radar Y
Phantom Dogtag ESP


Displays the Name of the player
Draws a box around all objects you set up
Displays the health of players
Displays distance the players
Displays the vehicles
MAV, Soflam etc.
Displays supply drops
Warns you if being spectated
Displays neutral vihilces incl. type
Displays if you really can see players
Displays explosives
Displays weapon-type of players
Displays usable switches ect.
Displays weapons and items to pickup
Displays enemies on the minimap

Automatically spots enemy players and vehicles
Delays Auto-Spotting to reduce FF-Risk slighty
Displays if anemies are aiming at you
Colors enemies red even through walls
Colors enemies red even through walls

Displays Hidden Phantom Dogtag Boxes


Removes kickback when firing
Removes bullet spread
Removes breath (helps sniping)

Magic-Bullet | 
Order-Spam ID
Mountain Climbing
Name Spoof (Client Side)
Ping Spoof
Quick Spawn On Vehicle
Random Instant Spawn
Last Instant Spawn
Instant Spawn On Squad

Turns off Hardcore for you
one shot kill, even behind walls and in vehicles
Automatically Knifes enemy when nearby
Automatically Detonates C4 when enemy is near it
Automatically revives nearby friendly
Spams "Go go go", "Sorry", etc. (On/Off)
Choose which order you want spam
Climb on top of tall building and mountains
Use random name to client, good for video making

Hides you real ping and shows a good one

Randomly spawns you somewhere instantly
Instantly spawns you on your last spawn location
Instantly spawns you on a squad member

No Mini-Map
No Mini-Map Spotting
No 3D Spotting
No Name Tags
No Hit Indicators
Enable Friendly Fire
Client Side Damage
Show Enemies In Spawn
Invert Pitch

Prevents you from showing up on the Mini-Map
You cannot be spotted
Your name tag will not appear
No hit marker will show when you get hit
Allows you to kill your team-mates
If off, you are essentially invincible
Shows enemies status, etc.
Inverts pitch on air vehicles

Punk Buster



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